Quality control

The Quality Plan (QP) makes it possible to meet the essential requirements of the QAS and aims to locate and describe, in the product production or service rendering cycle, the inspection and testing actions to be carried out by the executor, in a planned and systematic manner, and covering all production cycle stages. The QP describes "how," "when," "where," "what" and "who" in the product or service cycle must ensure that the various operations comply with the applicable requirements.

The QP identifies the inspection and testing location, the respective activities, the dimension of the sample to be inspected or tested, the standards and specifications of the inspections and tests, the persons who will implement the plan and the necessary equipment.

Within the context of the QP, the quality control methods allow the client to make a correct and timely assessment of compliance with the specifications of the various supplied products and rendered services, guaranteeing the work’s efficient performance and durability.