LNEC quality mark

Oz has been the General Quality Manager of the LNEC (Laboratório Nacional de Engenharia Civil) / (National Laboratory for and Civil Engineering) Quality Mark since 2000. This qualification is attributed through a very elaborate documentary process whereby the candidate company proves, among other requirements, that it has the minimum permanent technical staff to access the various classes of work value and the means of action to carry out the quality management tasks.

The company renders services for surveying and diagnosing defects and damages in recent and old buildings, including the definition of intervention strategies, the specification and the quantification of the measures that are most appropriate to each case, and is therefore in a position to collaborate with entities promoting rehabilitation or conservation and restoration interventions to award the LNEC Quality Mark.

Oz therefore belongs to the group of nearly 50 "general quality management companies" covered by the LNEC quality mark and is one of the few companies who also disposes of a Quality Management NP EN ISO 9001 certified.